Audubon Primary Preschool

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Our programs are geared towards the whole child. We focus not only on their physical, emotional and psychological well being, but their academics as well.

INFANT program (Green)
our pea pushers group is designed to provide a soothing, nurturing and caring environment for your infant.  The goal is to ensure comfort, care and a sense of security at all times.  Their day comprises of nursery rhymes, songs, story time, floor playtime and sensory stimulation to include touch and sound.
OLDER TODDLERS program (Blue)
focuses on learning experiences that encourage growth in language skills, social and motor development.  Exploration of sights, sounds and textures will be encouraged.  This program encompasses alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, songs, rhymes, rhythm and movement, name recognition and spelling, days of the week, months of the year, as well as free/structured play time. AND, this is the group where we assist with potty training.  In this group, they’re learning to manipulate their environments, negotiate and build friendships.
YOUNG TODDLERS program (Yellow)
is designed to assist children in making a transition from the infant group to the toddler group.  It focuses on the same learning criteria as the older toddler group, however, at a more soothing moderate pace.  This program encompasses alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, songs, rhymes, rhythm and movement, as well as free/structured play time. In this group, you can actually see the        wheels turning as they begin to establish their own personalities.      
PRE-K 3 & 4 program (Red) 
consists of a program which provides interesting and stimulating activities such as language building with the use of phonics and reading, writing skills, sorting, movement/mobility, music, number and counting games, manipulatives, drama, Spanish, discovery science, expressive art, computer time and structured & free play.  In this group, all children must be potty trained.  They’re exploring their environment, thinking in broader terms, ask inquisitive questions and prepare to move beyond our walls to greater adventures.